Min G., Chief Operating Officer (Interim)

Healthcare, Baltimore, MD


Elizabeth D., Creative Director & Founder

Elemental, Seattle, WA


Paula C., Director

Oculus, Facebook, Seattle, WA


Jeremy K., Executive Director

Senior Services Organization, New York, NY


Paul S., Corporate Social Responsibility

PwC, Seattle, WA


Judith H., Executive Director

Nonprofit, Seattle, WA

When I started with Julie, I was really struggling being in my leadership role and was feeling like i needed to build better connections and deeper relationships with my team. The change I experienced was pretty significant. Julie is a coach that really focuses on leadership, and transformation of people, and how they feel about themselves and in their role as a leader. For example, I really appreciated her focus on values and making sure I knew what my values were - that grounds me as a leader. Working with Julie, I really had a change in my leadership style, I have much more authentic relationships, I’m not avoiding conflict, I’m much more confident in my leadership role, and the final coaching goal was around building community around the organization and that’s really what’s happening right now!


Nyn T., Small Business Owner

Working with Jules has exponentially increased my personal and professional growth, awareness and ability to take action. She has an uncanny ability to tie the threads of your life together. And she's superhuman at reflecting back what you've said in a way that allows you to see yourself differently. She has helped me solidify my vision, understand more about what helps me feel whole and brought awareness to my biggest fears and blocks in getting there. She is dynamic, intuitive, attentive, caring and insightful. I may have eventually gotten there on my own, but with Jules I got there faster, with less agony and with more laughter. If you're looking for a way to catalyze growth and transformation, then Jules is your coach!


Karen T., Small Business Owner

Julie has helped me come to a level of clarity and peace that I had previously considered a pipe dream. With her guidance, I have moved mountains in areas where I felt stagnant and stuck for years! It is clear that she is brilliant at this, and very passionate. I am consistently astonished and grateful.

Gene P.jpeg

Gene P., Software Developer

Thank you so much for the 25 minutes of real eye opening help you gave me at the GeekWire event. I've finally decided to follow my gut, quit the corporate world and open an alpaca farm down Chile. My mom is thrilled. And it's all because of your help. Thank you.

And after reading the top paragraph, I’ll inform you that I haven't lost my mind quite yet. I'm totally joking with you. But what I am doing is hitting the ground hard again, listening more to 'my gut' and trying out new things. You gave me a some inspiration that I'm using to propel myself. Thank you again.


Client Case Studies - A deeper look at coaching with Jules


Case Studies

A deeper look at what coaching is, from those who know best - the client.

There’s so much information about what coaching “is” from the perspective of coaches, and glimpses of what coaching “was” from client testimonials. There are not as many stories about what coaching is from the perspective of the client - the people who know best about what coaching really “is”…

I offer interested clients a Case Study coaching package, where in addition to their normal coaching process, they track their coaching experience in real time, writing a short narrative about the experience between coaching sessions. Take a look, each is different but they are the client’s story - in real time, ups and downs, all of it. Many of these are in process, and sections will be posted as they’re completed. Super fun right!?


FAQ’s, in their words: A new client interviews former clients


…client interviews…

Asking & answering the burning q’


Lightening Fields (https://www.slideshare.net/paifhaa/the-lightning-field)

Lightening Fields (https://www.slideshare.net/paifhaa/the-lightning-field)

ELI Assessment Debrief Testimonials

"I'm still pretty blown away by what the assessment uncovered. It's in line with everything I've been working on and thinking about.  Thank you so so much for this learning opportunity. I really felt heard and thought of. You are amazing at what you do."

  • Min G., VP of Information and Technology, Health Care

"I am really floored by this process.  This is so spot on - so unbelievable.  This assessment, and Jules's uncanny grasp of it, cast light on "my compass of truth" and how I easily lose track of it when others are involved. It is a breakthrough angle to see oneself from, both strengths and Achilles Heels. It offers a paradigm shift in perspective.

I had so many "oh my god, yes!" moments - this is incredibly aligned with my aspirations and the dysfunctions too.  Seriously, thank you."

  • Sarah C., Small Business Owner

"I was fascinated to hear your summary of my assessment. Your assessment is very aligned with what I know about myself.  Gaining a clearer perspective, that there is a way to move through the things that hold me back, is really powerful, inspiring, motivating. That I can change these patterns that make me feel stuck."

  • Dara A., Organization Development Consultant

"This assessment was an excellent exercise! It gave me new insights and validated old ones. I really learned about my inner resources and how to tap into them, while also learning how I respond when disconnected from my passion. If someone asked if they should take this assessment I'd say 'Take this assessment if you really want to know what you're all about, why you do what you do, why it is that you show up and interact the way you do!'"

  • Lynn H., Physician, Consultant, and Educator

"I can't stop thinking about our debrief and everything you helped me piece together yesterday. That was seriously ... awesome. Thanks lady - you're magical."

  • Nina B., Marketing Manager

"The debrief hit the nail on the head in so many ways, and expanded my consciousness to interactions in both my professional and personal life. Working with a committed practitioner like Jules, turns what seems to be a simple survey into a motivating and connected life event. I look forward to revisiting my results and notes from our debrief on a regular basis... I learned so much and your expertise inspired me to learn more. You are a star and really inspire me to be the best."

  • Meg V., Event Director

"It has given me a big picture awareness of my purpose as a healer and how I can best leverage my passion and abilities... Further clarity around what makes me tick in relation to my chosen career path - helping people actualize self-healing instead of focusing on the dependence that comes with me fixing them. (No wonder learning how to fix people bores me.) Greater awareness of my relationship to anger and conflict and how that relates to the bigger picture of what's holding me back. If having greater awareness, clarity and direction within your personal path of growth and mastery is important to you then you should take this assessment with Jules. If not, don't."

  • Nyn T., Chiropractor

"There is no price for self awareness and this tool is extremely powerful... I appreciated that the questions were so unassuming and ordinary - yet such incredible and accurate insights were gleaned from them!  I've done a lot of these 'personality test' type things but this had a niche of material and insights I hadn't yet uncovered. And, Jules was integral in helping that understanding and context emerge so that I could really see myself in a new way.

I gained a deeper understanding of my inner workings, both with regards to my stress response and where to focus my energy to leverage my strengths and move towards my purpose. This is helping me alter how I CHOOSE to respond to my life. I've also begun to really feel into how my intuition and service to people can come together - and that has been exciting."

Karen T., Small Business Owner

… there is more available, generated monthly, email me for more if you’re curious.