Finding Your Coach

…Go for Ideal

Coaching is all about going for ideal outcomes, so start with an ideal coaching relationship. There are so many wonderful coaches out there - your job is to truly seek an ideal fit for your specific coaching investment.

1. The first step is getting clear about your agenda - where do you want to go? What do you dream of achieving? How do you want to push the needle in a big way?

2. The next step is determining alignment. Each coach out there has a specific passion and focus of expertise. Find a coach aligned with your specific goals. If you're not sure exactly what development you seek, consider starting with an assessment. (As a leadership coach, I love assessments and always start with this Core Leadership Assessment with my clients.) Empowered with new insights about developmental opportunities, you can better determine the type of development you are most eager to pursue.

3. Finally, sign up for an exploratory session with every coach you're excited about. During that session, you and the coach will get a great sense of "fit" and you'll either discuss options for further development, or your coach may recommend other coaches who may be better aligned with your trajectory.

Sign Up for Your Complimentary Exploratory Session 

The best way for both of us to get a sense of fit is through experience.

In this exploratory session, we’ll talk about what’s bringing you to coaching, some basics about the coaching experience, and then we will conduct a coaching session around a real pressing matter for you. This is our opportunity to determine ideal fit. We will close this session tangible next steps.