Leadership Development

So often, we engage in the latest leadership development opportunity because, well, it's there.  And, we can be strategic: Start with assessment.  

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1. Assess

1. Best practice in any development initiative: Start with assessment!  

The most profound, and dare I say it, efficient development begins exactly where you are.  And, that's not always where leadership development begins. Find out what's really needed, what is really desired.  What strengths are already there to be leveraged?  Where are the gaps and where is there room to grow?  Where are you headed and where do you want to go?  Leadership development can head in almost any direction - use assessment to discover your direction.    

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2. Distinguish


2. Distinguish between the different types of leadership development:  

  • There's skill-building leadership development - the type of piecemeal professional development with which we're most familiar.  From increasing our emotional intelligence, to improving our courageous conversations, to the latest time-management techniques - the possibilities are, seemingly, endless.  And then,
  • There's transformational leadership development that is focused entirely on the core of who you are as a leader.  Specific skill-building development is embedded only as tailored strategically to your custom leadership profile so that all of your strengths are leveraged while skill-development only occurs where it is most desired and needed.

3. Choose

3.  Empowered with information, choose strategically!  Investing in leadership development can be a uniquely regenerative and impactful opportunity for any leader and the community they serve - choose strategically!


I offer two coaching opportunities for leaders:

  1. A Core Leadership Assessment that I recommend any leader take at the beginning of any leadership development initiative.  And,
  2. A transformational leadership development package - Core Leadership Development Coaching - that I recommend for leaders eager to transform their leadership from the core. Discovering the core patterns, mindset, dispositions, perspectives and energy that drive your leadership and aligning that exactly with your unique and specific core vision and values.