Coaching with Jules

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Julie helps leaders who, at the threshold of their most innovative and authentic leadership, have sought out dedicated and focused coaching to...

  • clarify and drive vision amidst systems that lack the imagination, opportunity and energy they know is possible to optimize

  • learn exactly why they’re stuck in taking their leadership to the next level, and how they can lead their energy to align most potently with their goals

  • leverage the strengths of their resilience and “can-do” attitude in any situation, while also learning the limits of those strengths and how they can even hinder the greatest professional leaps

  • optimize servant leadership by removing blind spots of where servant leadership goes awry and sabotages even the most well-intended leader’s success

  • discover how their global and systems-thinking can promote, and also inhibit innovation

  • move from over-solving and under-creating to reinvigorate their professional world

  • move beyond the leadership books and fads, beyond playing the game - to changing the game

About Jules

I'm here because of you.  Your unique vision, your fully-energized and optimal leadership - actualized, and thriving.  Facilitating the process that leads to that outcome - that's my optimal leadership - actualized, and thriving.  

I wrote a mission statement as a teen:  "To contribute to a world that more faithfully actualizes the potential of every person, no matter their background."  Since writing that mission, I've spent every day of my career investing in the service, work, systems, education and opportunities that further human capacity and potential, and studying the leadership and structures that make it all possible.  

After living out this mission for two decades, I've come to learn that so many of our leaders are ready to take their leadership to the next level - beyond the latest leadership fad - to discovering, honing and living into their uniquely authentic style of optimal leadership.  The leadership they were born to lead. And, they’re just not sure yet how…

And this is the terrain in which the rigorous protocol of coaching excels. 

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