Coaching & Leadership

While there are a million leadership development opportunities out there,

for leaders, coaching is ideal.  

Moving beyond piecemeal leadership one-offs, scripts, and fads,

coaching is leadership development that is uniquely...

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Action - oriented & Client - led.


Acknowledging that real transformation results from client-generated outcomes reached through the intersection of BOTH action and reflection.

Coaching is not about the "feels" you get discovering new insights - it's about momentum, action, follow-through and the living the results (indeed, the life) those insights can inspire. Coaching is a system built on the understanding that the most efficient and integrated learning comes from the intersection of both action and reflection (& repeat)!

Coaching is ALWAYS about client leadership.  Every contract, indeed every session, is guided by your intended results.  You show up to coaching knowing exactly where you want to go, the coach facilitates a process to support you getting there (and getting out of your own way), and new actions result.  Of course, as new awareness arises, recalibration occurs, and, bottom line: your leadership vision, in action, is the guide and outcome of all coaching.

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Efficient - as efficient as it gets.



Your real and meaningful work, in real time, is the raw material of coaching.

Coaching wastes no time as, unlike most other development modalities, coaching leverages the resources of both client and coach by acknowledging that YOU are already the expert of your own circumstances and leadership, and the coach is the expert of the process that streamlines movement to the "optimal" that you define.  

Custom-tailored, timely and most relevant to each individual leader - no two coaching contracts are identical as no two leaders are the same.  Coaching is only, and exclusively designed around augmenting what already serves you, illuminating what doesn't, and developing in the precise direction that you intend.

Transformative change begins with setting a strong coaching agreement and happens largely within and around 50-minute sessions over the course of months.  With rigorous attention to the client's big-picture objectives, coaching evolves exclusively towards the client's intended outcomes. As initial contracts come to a close, reassessment and further coaching can continue, but only in the context of highly clarified objectives for further work and development.  Coaching doesn't require extensive, intensive off-site escapes that tell you who you are and can be, in a vacuum far from the relationships that define your true opportunities, as your inbox splits at the seams and the work you've been called to is on hold.  


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Acknowledging that "work" and "life" are not separate entities to be balanced - but instead a complex and reciprocal relationship fully capable of, and augmented by, harmony.

The 3000+ hours a year you spend working (and thinking about, worrying about, getting to and from work) don't exist in a vacuum, and the same goes for the thousands of hours you spend outside of work. Coaching acknowledges the reality that "work" and "life" are not separate entities to be balanced - but instead a complex and reciprocal relationship fully capable of, and augmented by, harmony.

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