Case Study: 7

A Day In The Life of a Client

Small Business Owner - Strength & Fitness

Small Business Owner - Strength & Fitness

Part 1: Why choose coaching? And why Jules?

The reason I have chosen coaching is two fold: First I’ve struggled in the last couple years of choosing what direction I should go career wise. I’ve spent the last decade working as a personal trainer and having two kids. It was a great career while raising two young kids because it was flexible and allowed me to set my own hours and coach clients in different settings, as well as allow me to spend time with the little ones. I’m also very physically active and at my happiest when I can move around and be active myself. Since getting divorced two years ago, I found myself at a crossroads again, wondering if I should choose a new career path, potentially going back to school to learn a new trade and try my hand at a new gig. Secondly, I’ve often thought life or health coaching could be a good path for me as I love to work with clients and help people. After a year and a few months working in member relations at the Collective, I’ve determined it is too much desk/computer work for me and I’m wondering if going back to coaching full or ¾ time is a better choice. I’ve been able to insert some of my wellness background in this position but it still feels like I’m coming up short of my true passion. I’d like to utilize Jules as a coach to figure out if I should go back to training full-time (I’ve since picked up some clients and been personal training on the side), or perhaps take my fitness expertise into a new direction. I also have a background in retail and fashion and would love to tap into this as well, to fulfill more of my creative side. Having a coach will help me stay on task and get to where I want to be- fulfilled, doing what I love and getting paid for it!

I feel Jules is the right coach for me because her style is akin to mine. She gets you to think and act for yourself, drawing on what you already know and want and getting you to move forward in a way that is in line with your values. I feel like this type of integrity is elemental in moving forward with my career and life path, both in discovering my next move and as an example that I personally want to embody as one who coaches other people and is raising two boys. I think doing a demo session was a great idea. I immediately connected with Jules’ style and felt like this is someone I could work with through not just the fun tasks but also the difficult ones. She seemed in tune with where I was at and able to read my level of readiness and comfort on a given day. It felt very encouraging and empowering and that’s when I knew it was a good fit! 


Part 2: Case Study - One case of coaching with Jules