Case Study: 4

A Day In The Life of a Client

Education, Program Team Leader

Education, Program Team Leader

Part 1: Why choose coaching? And why Jules?

At this time in my life, I've come to coaching for several reasons.  After years of trying other modalities, I decided I wanted to move forward and experience real change.  I've had a coach two other times in my life and both times yielded incredible results, ones that got me out of stuck places and helped me make decisions and take actions I never really deemed possible.  In my opinion, coaching is a unique blend of processes that allow for alchemy and real change to happen when the fit between the coach and client feels right.  

I picked Julie for this relationship for several reasons. Because I'm a woman and most of my teachers are males, I wanted to work with a female.  I had a couple of friends who recommended Julie, hearing their stories of transformation and the high esteem in which the recommendation came, I did not take it lightly as these are incredibly powerful and loving people that I trust deeply.  After completing my free consultation, which lasted well over an hour, it was clear to me that I wanted to move forward with Julie.  I felt listened too in a way that is unfamiliar and nourishing on many levels. I felt in that session that breakthroughs would become a norm in this relationship because of the incredible skill set that Julie brings forth, one where deep listening meets intuitive and artful questioning.  It's important to note that Julie does not give answers or tell me what to do or how to handle things, instead, I am led down a path of drawing on my own innate and authentic feelings and thoughts, and her questions continue to guide the way, there are no dead ends on this path and that's a real gift of coaching!

I have a job that I love at a Wilderness School.  I am met with both beautiful and challenging situations on an almost daily basis.  I work with kids, teens, and adults, and I'm on many different teams of people depending on the season and project.  Conflict and interpersonal challenges are inherent in this line of work and an area that I'm looking to grow in as well as finding my true gifts and discovering how I can offer more to my work.  I feel grateful for the help that I have already received from Julie just on getting clear about how I would like to show up in this area of my life and tangible steps I can take to achieve my goals. Full Aliveness and Deeper knowing and internalizing of my gifts with more connection of how I can serve from my most loving and authentic place capture the essence of it.  I'm excited to see where this journey with Julie will take me, I know it would be impossible to do alone!