Case Study: 3

A Day In The Life of a Client

Physician - Creative

Physician - Creative

Part 1: Why choose coaching? And why Jules?

I’m a physician and a researcher, but I don’t fit the mold of what people expect in those roles. I’m half creative, half scientist. I feel like I’ve always been that way--as concerned about the color palette of my graphs as the validity of the data used to create them.

As I’ve progressed in my career, I’ve fallen into a role where only the scientist part of me is rewarded, even though the creative part is essential. Research needs creativity to live and thrive, but I’m constantly pushing down the wild parts of my brain, trying to force them into a dull gray box. It has led me to moments of despondency, where I feel like I want to quit. But on other days, I’m amazed someone pays me to do this work. I need to find a resting point, to either stay in my job and be rewarded for both my creative and scientific prowess, or find a new path that would better suit me.

As I’ve sat in this place, I’ve tried reaching out to find a guide. I’ve ventured beyond the tree line, and my previous mentor (a senior researcher) doesn’t know how to navigate here. The areas I’m researching, the methods I’m using, are foreign to him and I need to make my own tracks. I explored finding a new mentor, but have found there is no one who fits a model that would work for me. I sought out feedback from work friends, but found it was both overly burdensome for them and not enough support for me. I needed more time to sit with these thoughts.

It was one of these colleagues who suggested Julie, a mutual friend. My colleague is as critical as I am and has even more things on her plate. When she said working with Julie was worthwhile, I listened. In the first 20 minutes of our meeting, we targeted exactly what about my job was unsatisfying, something I hadn’t been able to unearth in all of my discussions over the past 10 years. I felt like someone had lifted a weight off of my chest.

Julie’s approach as a coach is perfect---she lets you lead. I look forward to seeing where we end up.