Case Study: 1

A Day In The Life of a Client

Senior Manager, Learning & Development, Healthcare

Senior Manager, Learning & Development, Healthcare


Part 1: Why choose coaching? And why Jules?

In my career, things have always gone well for me. Everything I dreamed, I achieved. Until one day, it stopped. I started feeling unsure of myself as a leader in my current position (my job changed due to a merger), and I knew I couldn't sustain these bad feelings. It just wasn’t who I was. Should I quit my job and pursue a different career? I thought about being a coach - it’s akin to what I do now.  Should I ride things out and see what happens? That didn’t feel like me. So, I thought more about coaching.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a coach or have a coach. I didn't really know what a coach did. Were they like a therapist, but for jobs? Do they espouse the seven habits of highly effective people and have clients memorize them?  As for me, personally, I was worried a session would delve into the scary corners of my past, scrutinize my career failures, and have me reading positive affirmations to myself in the mirror. I really didn’t know what to expect!

Being a left brainer, I decided to do some research and interview people who are coaches to get a better understanding of the profession. I interviewed four coaches and even attended an all-day workshop with a coaching organization in Seattle.

After these meetings and workshop, I realized, at this point in my life, I don’t want to become a coach (maybe later!); instead, I wanted to work with a coach to focus on three things:

  • My current career:  How can I reignite my passion?

  • My dream career:  How can I bring it into focus and realize it?

  • My community:  How can I create a stronger, more dependable one?

I met Julie by fluke at a professional workshop. She had won a free entry, and I was working a booth for a volunteer organization. We got to talking and I learned she was a coach. I was frank and said, “I want to learn more!” and asked her for her card.

She actually met with me four times before I committed to working with her. And, mind you, these were not 15-minute sessions -- they ranged from 1 - 1.5 hours. WOW, that’s a commitment and a willingness to work with me!

Through these initial meetings, I was able to understand her philosophy of coaching and how it can help me refocus my strengths and energies. One thing she said that surprised me was, “The client is the expert.” Huh? ME, the expert? I thought I was paying HER to be the expert!

After the third meeting, it became clear that she was the coach for me. I can’t wait to get started so I can learn more about MY expertise!